The Hope Rally is a church service where people come together to join together on our common mission and renew our partnered effort toward it. Our Father has called us to a mission. It's easy to get distracted and discouraged throughout the week. For this reason, we gather together on Sunday mornings for the HOPE RALLY to refocus ourselves on our mission of


Here are some things you can expect on Sunday mornings.

Prayer (10:00am) - Some of our Hope family get together before the Hope Rally to pray for our church and our community.

Service (10:30am-12:00pm) - Here are some of the aspects that we regularly include in our Sunday service.

  • God Moments - Each week we have someone share a story of how God is working in their lives.
  • Worship through Music - Our musical worship time is a time to express our gratitude and praise to all that God is and all that He has promised to us.
  • Preaching - We walk verse-by-verse through passages of the Bible to hear from God and to be stirred to continue on the mission that our Father has given us.

- 10:30AM - 3801 BROADWAY SACRAMENTO, CA 95817 -